Get the Crown

Have a love for videos and music? Creativity? Then TikTok is the place for you to shine! In order to get noticed, achieving a trending status in the search results regularly is a must. There’s a little trick to getting featured, and that is by getting the coveted ‘crown’ on your profile by the TikTok staff.

To get a TikTok crown, you must earn it first. You can earn it when TikTok staff when your account reaches celebrity status and they verify that you are who you say you are. Not a celebrity (yet)? Don’t give up hope! If you churn out high-quality content on a regular basis, and have the high follower and likes count to match, then they might decide to toss a crown your way! Wearing that crown boosts your visibility, which will boost your popularity!

Since we’re on the topic, many TikTok users have been fooled into thinking they can get a crown by suspicious means. There are websites out there that give faulty advice on how to ‘hack the system’ and get you a crown. Usually, this will involve using Photoshop to slap a fake crown on your profile picture. Not only is it dishonest, it’s very embarrassing for when you get caught. You don’t want to ruin your TikTok reputation before you’ve even built it! Doing this might also risk losing your account – it’s just not worth it, so don’t risk it. Another thing to consider is to never give out your account information to a third party. If a website asks for your login details, turn right back around! Please don’t be their next victim.

We know it may seem unattainable now, but everyone on TikTok started out at the bottom. With hard work, patience, and dedication, you too can earn your crown!

Please be aware that this guideline is only a suggestion. TikBlast is not legally responsible for any losses because of reading this blog. If you have any questions about this subject, please feel free to contact the appropriate representatives.

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